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Thread: our new puppy...?

  1. stokes
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    our new puppy...?

    on wends we got to the shelter as soon as it opened to get our new puppy. dh was so excited. he kept talking about it the entire day. we waited in a long long line and finally an half an hour later we were at the counter. we payed the remaining balance and waited for the attendant to go get our puppy. she brought zepplin (dh picked out the name) to us and we headed out the gate...dh first, then zepplin, then me lagging behind as i dug my keys out of my purse........then the strangest, most bizzarest thing happened.......

    .............a father and six kids (no joke there were six rugrats) ran up to our little puppy yelling "brownie...brownie" tears running down their faces. it was like a scene out of a movie. "this is our dog, we've been looking all over for him and someone told us he was here" the handler just looked at him and said "these people have already bought this dog and he's been here for a week without you ever calling or stopping by to check." then she looked at us and said "do you want to give them their dog back" like dh and i were going to let those kids walk away long as they could prove it we had no legal right to take their dog. we could believe it had we left five mins sooner the puppy would have been ours. dh is sooo bummed. he won't admit it but you should have seen the look on his face when the proved it was their dog. however they have to pay a lot of fees before they can take it home. there is still a chance to get him, but i think we are taking this as a blessing for now. all things happen for a reason, but my poor, poor dh
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    Just tell your husband there are tons of puppies that need homes!

    If you guys are looking for a breed like a pit, there is a bully breed rescue out in cali, and i know they always have puppies...We were going to adopt there and then we got orders elsewhere...
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    oh thats sad but happy at the same time. Sad for you guys happy for the family who found their dog.
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    awww. for your husband. but your right when you say that it did sound like a part out of a movie.

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