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    A couple of weeks ago we got a feral cat. We decided to help one before the animal shelter got to it. Anyways, she is pregnant, and it is obvious she will be popping sometime soon. I was just wandering what some of the signs are when a cat is ready to go into labor? I noticed a few things... She's just been laying around everywhere. The place I noticed most strange was the floor. She never laid on the floor. And well.. She hasn't been herself. Do you think the kittens are coming soon?

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    She will with all probability try to find a place to hide. If you dont want kittens and placentas on your shoes, I would suggest making sure all your closet doors are closed. If you work, or when you leave the house, I would keep her contained to one room (like the bathroom) Someplace where it is easy to clean up the mess she may make. Make sure she has food and water and a place to make a bed... a petbed, or just some towels will do.
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    Ok, I'm probably gonna feel really stupid, but what is a feral cat. Was that a picture of her?-cute kitty pic! anyway my cousins cat has kittens as often as possible-lol-they do lay around a lot a lot. Thats the only thing I really noticed-other than they look lik they will seriously explode Definately have a place for her to have them though later on they still end up everywhere-especially when the kitten figure out how to jump!!
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    Well, she hasn't had them yet, but she's acting like she's in heat. Do cat's do that when they go into labor? It started this morning. She's been pacing. Meowing, then laying down with her butt in the air. Not straight up... but just probably an inch off the ground. When's she not doing that she's asleep... So, is this normal? Should I take her to a vet? I'm really worried about her.
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    i think she's close if not already in labor...i would put her in the bathroom or somewhere quiet with some blankets or towels and just keep checking on her...make sure though that she can't hide cuz you need to be able to watch her

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