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Thread: Pet insurance??

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    Pet insurance??

    Do any of you have pet insurance..?? A friend of ours there dog ran into a fance the other day and he had to take his dog to the doogy hospital and it cost him 700$$$$!!! Yikes! I know that if that happened to my DH and I it would be a HUGE dent in our pocket..!!! So I am just seeing if anyone has it and or who you would reccommed??? Thanks!
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    Its a good investment!! The thing with it is, you have to pay for it yourself and then you have to be reembursed for it...
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    crazy! Ooh, I'd be really pissed if we had to pay that much. He needed animals, though. We don't have insurance, but want to look into it.
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    from the research i've done, it's worth it. we have VPI pet insurance - the superior plan + cancer coverage for $273 per year. I figured if we had one incident the coverage would pay for itself.

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