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Thread: pit bulls

  1. stokes
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    pit bulls

    what's the deal...? are they being banned or something? dh wanted a lab and we ended up putting a hold on a pit bul puppy today. i am such a pushover. we pick him up on wends. this is sooo not my type of dog and i am worried about lola (our corgi mix) we'll have two weeks with him to see if we want him i'm just nervous. any good or bad feedback.
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    You should complete your training with the corgi mix first...Thats my honest and animal worker opinion...She is still trying to get settled and such, and i think it would be best to wait...we have a super loveable dog thats doing training now, but we are waiting to get another...its less stress...

    Pitbulls ROCK! my husbands father had one until he passed away (the dog)...My husband has 4 little neices and nephews and they loved him, they were able to pull on him and lay on him...its all how you raise them
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    I's all about the owner!!! We had a pit growing up and she was the best dog ever! Someone was meesing around our house one night and when my mom went to the door she got out and chased them...she came back right away when she was called and she never touched the guys either!! My sister has a pit mix and she's great too...even with a 2 yo!! Good luck on whatever you decide!!
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    I agree with what ever one else said!!! They are wonderful dogs.. and a majority of how they behave has to do with the owner.. We have a half pit/german shepphard.. and right now I am dog sitting a full pit. They are wonderful dogs..!!!!
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    Some cities do have bans on vicious dogs... or whatever the town deems to be vicious, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Chows are usually what they deem vicious.

    If you have another puppy, I think that dual puppy training works great. Its important to do the training together though. If you and your dh dont have time to train both at once, I would hold off. Pits are very eager to please. But definitely need the commitment of TIME

    We have George, plus sometimes a 7yr old and a 10 yr old, and I trust each of my dogs 100% around my children. I wouldnt have them if I didnt. Its all in the training, and breeding. Check the background, of your breeder!
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    Very true, pits and pit mixes are wonderful dogs! I think that dual training is a good idea also, but only if you have the time. Pits are very needy and want to please, so if you don't think your quite ready for one then i'd hold off.
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    Pit Bulls are the ONLY dog I have ever had up till recently. Right now I have a beagle mix and a chihuaha. Besides those two, ever since I was just a baby we had Pit Bulls. In all honesty, I love the breed. And they don't attack for no reason. It's like any species, you raise them well.. that's what you get.
  8. alym
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    everyone i know has a full bred pitbulls and has never had problems with their dogs! Labs are number one then rotweillers at 2 and dobermans at 3 and then pits at 4 for "dogs who are most likely to bite" i think it's bullshit. because most of us have bad pasts but it's the way you teach & discipline and love that matters!
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    I agree with other ladies. It is all in how the dog is raised. If you own a house though you will need to check with the insurance company first. Our insurance company wouldn't cover us if we had one or if we put a renter in there that has one. And there are some areas that they are banned. Not sure exactly what areas they are so you'd have to check on that. I wish you all the luck with him and hope it all works out and he is a great addition to the family.
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    Our dog was a pit bull mix. It sucks that they get such a bad rap. We had to give him to friends cause he never warmed up to our daughter, but he is the best dog we have ever owned. I would get mad when I would take him to the vet and they would act like he was going to attack him.
    We had him with us with when we lived in Spain and they passed a law on base before we left that if you had a vicious dog (they included all pitbulls, Rotweliers, and German Sheppards in that mix) that you have to get insurance ( I don’t remember the amount but something like 150,000 Euros worth) have a license to walk him, and that they have to be on a leash even in your fenced yard. WTF!!! It makes me mad that you have bad owners who give everyone a bad name.
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