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Thread: the gentle leader

  1. stokes
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    the gentle leader

    we enrolled lola in an obedience class that starts this thurs. she basically needs to work on her social skills but also she will learn the basics that any course will teach. we bought this product called the gentle leader. it's not a muzzle but goes over her nose area. we just used it today to get her use to it and it works wonders. she looks so cute and she was constantly trying to shake it off at first but it really works.
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    we have one for shadow, he's houdini and gets it off no matter what we try but its great when its on
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    We used to have one for Ginger but then she busted it one day...hmmm darn dog!

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    We used it for our dog to he didnt like it but we put it on him 3 or 4 times a day to go out so he got used to it. I just loved it. He was a big dog and he could pull really hard but it stopped the day we got the leader.

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