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Thread: Hi there!

  1. bunkie
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    Hi there!

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to stop in and offer my help. My name is Wendy and I am a LVT. Licensed Vet Tech. I am currently a SAHM to my beautiful little girl, but often miss my job.

    If you have any questions about something your pet may be doing (that isnt an emergency), a product or preventative I am full willing to offer you the best of my knowledge.

    Just remember I am a nurse, not a doctor so if its a harmful concern the animal should be seen asap.....and I can only give you my ideas based on what I am reading. Its really much different when you can see the animal for yourself.

  2. christymichelle
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    thanks!! me and my babies appreciate that!!
  3. bunkie
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    Your kittys are sooooo cute!!! Nice and good sized cats.

    Mine are mean, they hate me lol! My one is really small and the other, well she just likes to sweep bugs into piles so I step in them...ewww!

    I also have fish, but they stress me out!

    I have been considering getting a dog so some freaking animals in this house will like me! lol
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    There are some other techs on here too...I am also one...
  5. stokes
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    how exciting. welcome!

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