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Thread: do you let

  1. stokes
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    do you let

    your dogs get on the furniture?
    dh has taught lola to jump on the NEW couches and encourages her to get on the bed (new also) we don't have the actual bed frame/headboard yet and i am hoping her little legs won't be able to jump up on the bed once we get it. i just don't want her on the furniture but i guess i lost that battle
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    Db hates our animals on the furniture, espcially the leather sofa. I agree about the dog not being on the sofa, but I don't mind if the cat gets on it b/c she has soft paws and can't scratch the furniture, plus I let the animals sleep with me when db is outta town.
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    Luke let Sunny sleep on the bed and let her on the sofa at first until I said no more to that. lol
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    once in a while we will let Bruce up on the couch with us. He is not allowed to just get up there by himself, we have to invite him.
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    we try to keep Shadow off the couches because he's so big, he spends time on my parents bed but usually not for very long
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    My pets are allowed on the recliner. Not my new couch. I use a spray that smells bad to the pet, but doesnt stain your furniture. Our dogs wont come within a couple feet of the couch. They are allowed on my bed. If my dh works a double shift, its the ONLY way I will get any sleep.
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    We let our dogs on our couches until I got pg with Johnny. We didn't want them on the couches with Johnny so we had them stay down. They were never allowed in our bed. Breanna liked to have the smaller dog in bed with her when she went to sleep so we allowed that. The cat we have doesn't really get on the couches, once in a great whie. She does love to sleep in our bed but she won't get up there with us in bed. She will only get on Breanna's bed when she is sleeping (unless Breanna drags her up there).
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    our pets are not allowed on the furniture but there are RARE occasions when we lay a blanket down & then the dog can get up there, as a treat or something, He has his own dogbed & thats his place-maybe you could ask dh to get Lola her OWN bed? Just an idea
  9. purityfrenchies
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    My dogs are allowed on the furniture only if invited. I had slip covers made for the furniture in the TV room as well as special beds that match the furniture in the other rooms. Tara, the Greyhound, sleeps with DS. My two French Bulldogs sleep with DH and I.

  10. Lilithdrff
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    Our cats and our dog when we had him, have free range of the house. Never bothered me to let them on the furniture.
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