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Thread: how do you...

  1. mamaoftwins+1
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    how do you...

    get a dog to stop chewing up crap?? he knows he is wrong because when i catch him at it without saying anything he runs with his tail between his legs. any ideas??
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    Get TONS AND TONS of chew sticks, toys, bones, squeaky things, balls, stuffed animals that are specific for dogs! Just keep his chewing options VERY OPEN to things that aren't ya'lls... everytime he looks like he is going to chew something of yours or you catch him just tell him no and then give him one of his chew sticks and say here's your chew stick or take your chew stick or get it... things like that... some friends of ours had a hard time with their dog and that's what they had to do... now he just goes and gets a chew stick if he's bored or needs to chew

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    Have you looked into that spray they sell at petsmart. I think it's called Granny's bitter or something like that? It is to help deter them from chewing. Also sometimes they do it because they're bored. Have you tried having a toy box and rotate his toys out so he only gets a few toys at a time. That way he'll always think wow a new toy.
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    How old is the dog? They say the chewing phase usually goes away around 8 months unless they are lacking attention. And then it could last longer. My dog does the same and so solution but to kennel him. But even then when he is in his crate he shews apart the crap in there

    You can try the bitter apple crap but it has never worked for any of the dogs I have had. Replace whatever he is biting with a chew toy. Each and everytime. Tell the dog no and scold him and then offer a chew toy and praise the hell outta him when he chews on that

    Otherwise you may wanna look into an obediance class
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    they toy box is a great thing, I recommend the Kong toys they are harder and seem to hold up well with the chewing, Shadow loves his. Pig ears are good too. I wasn't here when shadow did the major chewing thing but if anything gets in the yard he'll chew it. He chewed up the hose one day
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    i will have to go out and buy some more toys see if that works hes a year old and gets plenty of attention hes an attention whore
  7. purityfrenchies
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    Toy swap and toy boxes are excellent behavior modification/training techniques. If you are going to leave the house or are busy and can't monitor him closely, then put him in his crate. You have to be consistent with the toy redirecting. The Kong toys are excellent...try stuffing the kong toy with a mixture of peanut butter with dry dog kibble mixed in it, then freeze it. After frozen, give it to your dog. It will keep him occupied for hours. Also, chewing can be a sign or a bored dog...make sure he is getting enough exercise. During the winter, when I can't get in good long walks and games of fetch with my dogs, they go on the treadmill. I have to do the treadmill thing any way to keep them in shape for the show ring.
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    Our dog has his own bone shaped toy box. When he gets into his chewing fits he goes over to his box, pulls out a toy and goes to town. He never was a big chewer but then again the house was littered with chew toys for him.

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