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Thread: Our Babies and a Question.

  1. Cher
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    Our Babies and a Question.

    We've had our puppies for about 4 weeks now, but I finally uploaded some pics for you ladies. They were 12 weeks when we adopted them at the pound and 14 weeks when I took these pics. They are already huge! Jester is the black one and Sidney is the brown/tan one.



    So now here's the question. I'm having a hell of a time training them. They are house broken now, but they have such bad manners (i.e jumping up on us, beggin' at the dinner table, etc.). We also made the mistake of letting them in the house all the time. When I leave them outside for more then 30 minutes they start barking and jumping on the back door. I don't know how they are going to react when I get a job and they have to be outside all day long. I would hate for them to bark the whole time and annoy the neighbors. Anyone have any suggestions? Especially on the leaving them outside thing?
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    maybe an obdience class? it helped with the behavior problems we had with ours as for the outside thing i'm not sure
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  3. Lilithdrff
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    I would start them on an obedience class.
  4. Cher
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    Thanks ladies. I'll have to look around and see if I can find any classes here.
  5. Lilithdrff
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    Some of the larger pet stores (Like petsmart and Petco) offer classes, also local colleges sometimes offer courses. You might be able to get a list of trainers or places that offer classes from your vet as well.
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    Cher, they have them in corpus at the petsmart. I was just looking into the grooming and I saw it on the website! Good Luck with your babies!!
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    They are bigger dogs and they tend to jump on you to say hi and get closer to your face... we have a lab and the only thing that worked for us to keep her from jumping was to take our knee and push it out when she jumped up into her chest... not hard so it hurts her, but to just push her away and say NO loudly and look at her when we said it... then when she was down again we would pet her head and tell her what a good girl she was... it only took a few times until she pretty much figured out she wasn't supposed to jump up on us... it doesn't hurt her and she never cried or anything like that. The first couple of times she was more surprised than anything, but we haven't had a problem with her jumping since she was a puppy... not even on guests! Hope that helps!! Our dogs are always inside too, but instead of barking they scratch on the glass door to get in and out... and the little one's claws make this horrible screeching sound when she does it... on that one! Hope things get better!!!

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  8. purityfrenchies
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    You are going to have a hard time with the outside thing. Dogs are pack animals and want to be with this age it is critical to their development that you are with them. Obedience class is a must! You can also locate a training class through your local kennel club. Try to find a local club.


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