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Thread: mystic tans?

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    mystic tans?

    Im thinking about trying this out. I dont tan very well so I figured id try the mystic tan. But im kinda scared...has anyone tried it, did you turn orange? How long did it last? Is it worth the 25 dollars? I just wanna know others experience before i try it tommorow
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    The girls two doors down from me are ultra pale. They do it and it looks awesome. They do the kind where someone sprays you though. I think those booth tans are hit and miss.
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    I've been working in the tanning industry for 4 years thereabouts. The OLD mystic tan booths turn you orange but the new versions have a new formula in the spray that doesn't do that. just make sure you use the new version. you can ask the salon you plan on going to for that kind of information. and PM me if you have any more questions.

    also sine you're fair skinned i would definitely go with the lightest solution so you dont look unnatural.

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