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Thread: Anyone currently at Lakenheath/Mildenhall?

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    Anyone currently at Lakenheath/Mildenhall?

    We have an assignment for summer and just trying to get some current info since most is at least a few years out. Hoping to be within 20 minutes commuting time after having such a long commute here in Alaska (35 min with no weather... winter about an hour with snow).

    We're also bringing our 2 cats which from research looks like a huge PITA because I guess it's pretty much impossible to fly them with you it seems and they have to fly cargo and supposedly you have to hire someone to pick them up for you too.

    Any and all info appreciated though.
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    I loved living in Mildenhall village when we were there. Super close to base. Nice village, had a market every week.
    Pets do have to fly cargo. I’m not sure about someone having to pick them up, I know the rules changed and you can easily do the quarantine now in your own home.
    New market would be another place to look for a house. Bury st edmunds is great but a bit farther.
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    Hay! I'm here. Post on the PCSing with pets FB page and a ton of people will help you out. Also, there are a TON of spouses pages here. The further out you look, the bigger house you'll likely be able to find but most of the older properties use oil for heating rather than gas and that can get expensive if your home isn't well insulated or you don't watch you usage. We lived in Red Lodge which is about 10 minutes from the bases but it was too small for us when our family grew so we moved to Liberty Village on RAFL. Parking is pretty shit in most of the villages around here but Red Lodge is TERRIBLE lol. Do you have any specific questions?

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