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Thread: NCS South Korea Help/Guidance Complicated

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    Help NCS South Korea Help/Guidance Complicated

    Alright... This is going to be lengthy and I really need guidance on what I should/shouldn't be doing and what to expect/prepare for.

    So here's the break down.

    Husband got his orders to South Korea, Walker. Lovely. We wanted Korea so we were elated with this. In hopes to speed up the process and be fully prepared we started my son and daughter with EFMP to get their paperwork all sorted out.. Both of my kid's have speech delays. My son is 5 and receives his services from the school, my daughter we were having evaluated at the school as well as the doctor because we wanted to speed up the process. Fast forward to now.

    We were denied CS because my daughter receives speech therapy services from a private practice. EFMP lady tells me to just have her discharged and have her PCM state of medical papers that she is still receiving speech therapy services from the schools special education program instead of the private practice. We were in the process of disenrolling her anyway because the therapy place is an hour away and we just don't have that time to drive her back and forth with she receives BETTER services from the school system.

    Well now we find out that because the doctor is an idiot, and i mean idiot, he refuses to look over her IEP to see that she is receiving MORE THAN THE RECOMMENDED hours a week that he wants her to have, because he says she need speech therapy. Dude, she is getting therapy, and more of it and BETTER than what the other place was able to provide. The environment, the teachers, the exposure.

    So now after back and forth with doctor, nurse, EFMP idiots, and so and so forth here i am. Fully prepared to purchase 3 plane tickets, have money aside for a house off post, set to reapply for CS once we are over there, etc.

    Im so stressed it's not even funny.

    I plan on continuing to find a doctor who will listen, i just switched my daughters PCM yesterday and i'm currently awaiting a call from the nurse. If she is refusing to get me an appointment i will be going to patient advocacy and getting a referral off post for her to see someone and hopefully they will listen and understand what is going on and be able to accept that she is receiving services that she NEEDS and ok it. I'm not going to sit her idly and do nothing. I refuse to split our family up, and I refuse to just do nothing.

    So if anyone has had a similar situation, please for the love of all that is holy give me some guidance/advice. I'm losing my mind with these people and no one is listening to me. Would it help if I called the school over there and verified their program and got a written statement from them about the services they can offer her?

    Some help ease my stress/mind/worries. I'm at a breaking point because of the frustration. not one person is willing to listen to more than five words from me whether i act like the nicest human on this planet or the biggest bitch.
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    Thought I have no experience with such services here in Korea, I am fairly certain that finding a speech therapist here that speaks English would be highly unlikely. And being here NCS, your child is not guaranteed enrollment in school on base.
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    Well I don't think I'd go non command sponsored if you kid needs speech therapy through the school since school is space A for NCS families. Even with IEP the gaining school district can deny it if they don't think they have enough services and considering how small the school is I wouldn't expect a ton of services. All you can do is try to get a different doctor to look at it all and wait it out knowing that even if the doctor thinks it's okay you could still be denied.

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