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Thread: Questions about Anchorage Alaska

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    Questions about Anchorage Alaska

    So I have some questions to those that have lived or currently living in Anchorage how do you like it? Is the cost of living bad? My husband is the type of guy that rather stay in on the weekend but occasionally will go out and explore. I love the outdoors but hate going by myself and when we do go he doesn't enjoy it. I do suffer from anxiety and depression and worry how living in a remote area will affect me. He does have the option to trade orders for San Antonio and I feel like that would be better for us since we will be closer to family and about to start a family ourselves. I'm looking for some advice and personal experiences how you liked it in Alaska. Thanks for taking the time to read!
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    I dont know much about Alaska, but I did have an acquaintance that was from Anchorage, she said it was like any other "big" city. Lots of things to do and places to live. Have you tried to log on to their website? A lot of towns offer relocation packets or visitor guides you can buy or request to be sent to you. I do that all the time and I have found it helpful.
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    Is your depression a diagnosed condition, listed in your medical records the military maintains? If so, you may have problems getting approved to go to AK.
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    Based on the wives page up here it seems like lots of depression and anxiety EFMP's are getting approved. I wouldn't call Anchorage remote though... and it's still less remote than a lot of other bases. We've been at JBER almost 5 years. There's lots to do. Winters are long and dark though. I haven't minded it honestly until about now and I think it's just because I'm ready for the next place. But if you can switch and think you'll be happier elsewhere go for it. I think most people love it or hate it here and there's not too much of an in between... but I'm in the middle. I don't hate it, but I only love the summer, lol.

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