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Thread: MCBH Kbay housing issues

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    I lived there from 2008 to 2010 and never had any issues with the soil. We played outside all the time. I wouldn't suggest eating the dirt though.
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    MCBH is contaminated and hazardous to your health

    Quote Originally Posted by duckbutt View Post
    So my husband is up for new orders and looking into Kbay. I was doing some research and found there are some problems in the housing with the soil.

    Has anyone had issues with this soil issue? Is base housing safe? Whats the deal? Have they solved the issue? I just want to make sure if we go and go with base housing we won't be having any problems.
    I just wanted to let you know you can learn more about the hazardous contamination in MCBH family housing on the MCBH Housing Issues Facebook page - that's the best resource.

    Hundreds of residents, their children and/or pets have developed and reported serious health effects and/or diseases caused by their exposures while living there. Both of my children and hundreds of others developed asthma while hundreds of others have developed autism, developmental delays, liver, neurological, autoimmune and other diseases that have been attributed to their harmful exposures to the hazardous contaminants. MANY pets have died from toxicity and cancers as a result too, including both of my pets, who were given clean bills of health just a year or so prior because that was required to relocate them to Oahu. Yet, most of the diseases and serious health effects caused by chronic, low-level exposure to these contaminants are LATENT or DELAYED, meaning they may not develop for years or even decades after exposure actually occurred.

    Some who haven't studied health effects of hazardous chemical exposures make incorrect assumptions, assuming they'll experience symptoms during or soon after they're exposed, but that's not accurate relative to these hazardous chemicals and carcinogens. Every time you're exposed to these hazardous chemicals and carcinogens they accumulate in your fatty tissues and remain there for years or even decades, where they can trigger cancer and other diseases affecting the respiratory, reproductive, autoimmune, neurological, hepatic, endocrine and other systems years later. So it's best to seek advice about these kinds of things from experts who actually know what they're talking about.

    A former Pacific Area Director of OSHA who actually served as a Health and Safety Officer on a MCBH housing project can answer your questions on the MCBH Housing Issues Facebook page, if you'd like.

    Best of luck . . .
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