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Thread: Taking Pets Overseas!!

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    Taking Pets Overseas!!

    Maybe this could get stickied?

    I found a couple of helpful links and wanted to share them.

    Pet Friendly Hotels - Pet Passports, Quarantine, Immigration information for Pet Travel
    Information on pet hotels, immigration, modes of travel and more!

    For shipping animals to Korea

    Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association International, Inc.
    "An International Trade Association of animal handlers, pet moving providers, kennel operators, veterinarians and others who are dedicated to the care and welfare of pets and small animals during transport locally . . . nationwide . . . worldwide. "
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    oh good information!!

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    Ooooo, thats awesome! THANK YOU! I always wondered what I'd have to go through with the puppy if DB & I got sent overseas, lol. No doubt he's coming with, but still... hmmmm. THANKS!
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    Just remeber that each country is different though and has their own quarantine laws, while some have a 30-60day in house quarantine, others may have a 3-6 mth quarantine in quarantine kennels. Also some airlines and countries requite animals to have specific shots before travel and some countries prohibit certain animals

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    I was wondering if anyone could find a link to what breeds of dogs Korean Air bans shipment on. It was quite an extensive list including Rottweilers, Pit bulls, Dobermans etc. Someone I know is considering getting a German Sheppard puppy and we want to make sure they will ship the pet home when they go back to the US.
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    Has anyone ever moved Dogs overseas? We are moving to Hawaii with 3 dogs and I'm scared about the whole situation
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    Shipping a pet is crazy business!

    We are shipping our now 9 month old English Mastiff to Germany with us. She already weighs over 100 lbs, and will be bigger by the time we fly on November 8th. We had to buy a Giant 700 series crate for her for $150, and since she is too big to fly as baggage, we have to pay $1300 to ship her as cargo on a completely different airline (Delta) than the army booked us on (Lufthansa). Then once we get there it will be registration fees and $150 temperament test since she is on the DDO list in Germany. We also thought we had to pay an extra $300 to have her checked in since she is arriving 2 hours before us. But apparently it can take up to 90 minutes for the animals to be unloaded out of cargo, and then another 3-4 hours to clear them through the vet and custom at the airport, so there shouldn't be any charges! SHOULD BE FUN!

    There are so many different things that have to be done for a pet to be shipped. We started getting the ball rolling on shipment info for her before we even had orders.

    If anyone is moving to Germany and has any questions, please feel free to ask. There is a ton of information that the internet and sometimes the airlines don't share with you until it is too late.

    Good luck, and feel free to ask any questions!
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    hey andrea i just got to hawaii well we have 2 dogs and come to find out its 120 quaratine before you get here where we were last time we did the quaratine to come here and they messed everything up to be honest with you theres not alot of places that would take 3 dogs here so your best bet is to get rid of one i know they are like family but if your going to live on or off post the max on dogs are 2 and alot of places wont even accept dogs as well plus itll be alot of money to have them quaratine here in hawaii its 14 dollars a day with me its 28 dollars a day with 2 dogs we still had 42 days left when we arrived here so be will be paying almost 2000 to get them out which sucks.
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    Pet info!

    Hey all! So i've been digging about how to ship my pets without costing an arm and a leg, and i found it!!! Virgin Atlantic ships pets, cargo, even unaccompanied for very decent prices! They measure the crate the animal is it and charge you that way. I have a Chow and two bigger cats and they quoted me $1200 for all 3, vs British airways who were quoting me $3500 for all 3. Btw this is a flight from Boston to London, hopefully someone else can get a good deal through them too!
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    Does that quote include all the customs fees? Some airlines include them in their prices and some airlines do not. Last I knew, Virgin Atlantic did not include the customs fee in their price, but British Airways does.
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