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Thread: wa girls - wind?

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    wa girls - wind?

    anyone getting any wind? i'm not noticing any here in renton, altho my apt is "garden level" - only about half the height of my walls is above ground.

    eta: just sent out my weatherbug (lu dog's nickname is bug). it is a lil windy here. small drift by my door. she reports, "snowing more now than before. colder. run to biz spot, do biz, run to door for mom. ask santa paws for doggie doorbell."
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    At least 30MPH here...Don't know why you aren't getting the same gusts. Maybe I'm higher then you since I'm off of Sunset.
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    Not right now I don't think..

    The other day they were BAD though

    Boo for icky weather

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    No big gusts of wind but it is windy.
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    A little breezy here, but i wouldn't call it windy.

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