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Thread: Whidbey ladies........

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    All I said about the people here were that they can be mean towards military AND THEY CAN! And i didnt say shit about peoples way of life here. I said I wouldnt take back any of my time here and ive met some amazing people. So maybe you should read a little better before you go making assumptions about what I ment by what I wrote.. Cuz I didnt mean anything bad. I said the truth.. Its a city, I get that, there are going to be protesting and a differnt way of thinking about stuff. Just like if you went to the south or the east coast.. life is different there than it is here.. thats all I freakin ment geeze!!!
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    You have a great attitude for coming here. We have loved it and unfortunately are leaving soon. Yes it does get cold here and there is wind during the fall/winter time. We always joke with my sister who lives in Florida that we have hurricanes here but without the water cause of the wind. We have had up to 70mph winds here at times. However I believe we get more sun then Everett to Tacoma area. They talk about how they have rain while we have sun. You are down by the water and the drive along North Beach road is awesome. You have the water and then the snowcapped mountains and it's an awesome view.

    There a tons of Bald Eagles here, in our yard we have deer that come visit along with bunnies.

    As far as housing goes they have torn down some of the old housing and are in the process of building new housing. I'm not sure what the wait is for the new housing. There is Navy housing in townhome style apartments that look nice. Again you'll find good and bad.

    You might want to look into renting out and about too. There are houses that are not selling and people are looking at renting them and there are many available. That is always an option. North of the city of Oak Harbor they tend to lose their electricity more than we have a little south of the city. It also tends to rain in that area more often.

    You can find good things to love about this area, and there are some things you may not like. Again it is all the attitude here.

    Seattle and the Port in Olympia have had some protestors. Some people don't like the military however sometimes if they allow you to take the time to talk with them they get a different perspective. Also some military people just like civilians don't conduct themselves appropriately and that gives everyone in that particular area a bad name. Instead of knowing that there are good and bad in all walks of life. We have for the most part had people thank my husband, and give us encouragement.

    Enjoy your time here, you'll want some warm clothes however you will enjoy the time here.
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    well i guess im gonna be the offending one here too. we were stationed there and i hated it, the base looks like crap and both are small. the weather is depressing, and you have to drive over an hour just to go to a semi decent mall. the clubs are full or drunken rude sailors and marines.
    The greatest thing is you can escape to seattle or canda within two hours.
    Not meaning to offened anyone, but i just wish people would have prepared me for moving up there.
    Its really beautiful though, i did love going down to the beach on base, even though you cant really swim, cause its just to dirty and cold year round., they have awesome shells. if you like hiking this place is gret for you, specially decepsion pass, you can hike to the bottom, i hated bridges though so it made it hard for me to get off the island.
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    Wow, PM me if you really want to know about Whidbey, things to do there (that are FUN) and anything about the island, since I grew up there.
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    Both petsparkle and I live on the Island she lives in Oak Harbor I live on the south end of the Island. If there is anything you want to know between the two of us we have answers. I have lived here since 1994 and absolutely LOVE IT! We are in a rain shadow on Whidbey from the Olympic Pennisula and get about half the amount of rain that Seattle does. Welcome when you get here!
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    I just saw this- anything you need help with, let me know. I live right next to housing. On Whidbey the waiting list varies tremedously based on what size unit you qualify for. We recently went to PPV housing (through Forest City) and I know people who have been on the waiting list for over a year (for a 4 bedroom). There are unrenovated and renovated units here. The new housing is absolutely gorgeous and if you manage to get in there, good for you! We live off-base and there are tons of rentals available within BAH limits. If you want the number for Forest City to see what the waiting list is now for your DH's rank and the unit you qualify for, just let me know.

    There are LOTS of fun things to do here. Yeah, the clubs are a bit one-sided, but it's a small town atmosphere with a big navy base next to it, so not really anything that should suprize you. We have a fantastic outdoors program at Crescent Harbor Adventures, the commissary is decent, there is a wal-mart and k-mart in town, and home depot. There are about 7 restaurants, the only major chain is Applebees, but there are some great thai places and greek places here.

    We fought for orders back to Whidbey. I LOVE it here. Do get used to driving because it's not really close to everything. You can get to Lynnwood (the big Alderwood Mall) in about an hour and 15 minutes or so depending on if you catch the ferry the first time. Or you can drive around and go across deception pass (gorgeous) and down the freeway. Sometimes that is faster, but it's more driving.

    If you're looking for the big-city nightlife, you won't find it in Oak Harbor. But there are many wonderful things you will find here. And the community is very pro-military here.

    As I said, anything you need to know, PM me. If I don't have the answer I can find out pretty easily.
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    I am here too. We have been here since 04.

    The wait list on housing isnt too bad unless you need the 4 bed rooms. Some areas are nicer than others. Ours is pretty ok. They are building new houses and renovating some.

    The weather is cold and raining most of the year. It isnt a hard rain more like a mist. I am from Texas so summers here isnt what I would call hot and some nights its still a little chilly.

    Shopping/Entertainment is limited. Most things close early (walmart is 10 or 11pm kmart is 9pm.) We do have a small movie place and a drive in. Night clubs are packed and usually you get harassed by the drunk guys. Deception pass is lovely and Fort Casey is pretty cool.

    Schools I only have experience with K and 1st grade but I dont like them at all. It seems like their main focus is not the kids.

    Over all it is a decent place to live if you like small towns. While I am super excited to be leaving this summer if we had the choice to come back later on down the road I would consider it. If you need anything or got any questions PM me!
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    we spent a full year on the wait list in housing, only to get in it 6 months before we leave. We had to take it because renting a house the size we needed was killing us financially. It is hard to find nice houses to rent for afforable rates. Usually if its affordable its really tiny or really old... or really old and tiny. If you have pets thats another thing, its very hard to find a house that allows pets. We had to live at the coachman inn for a week because the house we had put a deposit down on was pulled off the market by the owner on our way up here, so when we got here we had no place to go! We lived off Zylstra for a while, but now we live in housing and we leave in Jan. I am a true southern girl so I hate the cold.. well I dont really hate the cold but it just stays cold for so long and even in the summers it sometimes still feels cold. When its nasty its nasty, and when its a clear day there is no other place I have ever seen that is so beautiful. You are limited on the island as people have already told you. Every where is a drive. There are tons of bunnies, deer and eagles EVERYWHERE. The deer are not real scared of people at all. They look at you like your the one out of place, not them lol. Bunnies are everywhere so much so that when your walking in some areas, you almost trip over them or step on them.. especially on the trails on base. Oh and coyotes are everywhere. They come out at dusk and dawn.. they dont bother people. The rain.. isn't what I call rain. It rains in the south.. here it just drizzles.. sometimes it will actually rain but still not that much. Its almost always cloudy and the wind blows A LOT. Its small town living, lots of farms, organic stuff. The schools are decent. My kids go to Olympic view right now but last year they went to Hillcrest which is bigger. Olympic view is a small school but I like it so far. There are tons and tons and tons of trails everywhere to go hiking. This is a nature lovers paradise. Theres otters, seals and whales. I've seen them all just staring out in the water and not expecting to see anything and wahla there they are. If you come here you just need to definitely soak it all in and take pictures.. its definitely a place to remember. A lot of people come here from the city on weekends and in the summers to get away. I hope this helps.
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    DB might be relocating here...I will be stuck in texas for at least another year and a half
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