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Thread: Hello and help!!

  1. luvmysailor
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    Confused Hello and help!!

    My dh is and IA and we just moved to San Diego...however when he gets back we are heading to Everett WA (after living in SD for only 10 months!)
    We were overseas for 7 years before this so its VERY shocking being back in the USA and public school system. It wasnt a gradual transition either since San Diego is HUGE, LOTS OF TRAFFIC and well, quite overwhelming. Im looking forward to living somewhere a little more laid back.
    That being said I really would like to know the best place to LIVE nearish to Everett (although Im flexible on that...I want the best schools possible). My children are 6.11. and 16 so I have an elementary, middle and high schooler (which at the moment I drive to and from school daily....two hours in a car a day is NOT fun for me).
    Any information on the area would be fantastic, thank you!
    I would love to be more prepared than I was when we got here!! Although, it is harder to do from overseas than the same coast!
    Thanks again,
  2. kelijean
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    I can feel your pain on trying to adjust to the US after having lived in Germany. I did it myself. However, the traffic here in Washington isn't easy to deal with either. But I will try and help you if you still need it. I have a friend whose husband is a sailor and lives in Lynnwood. I can ask her opinion on what a good area for you to live in is. I happen to live on Fort Lewis but I can try to get the information you are looking for.

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