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Thread: Visiting the Stennis

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    I'm in Ohio. DB is on the USS Stennis.

    Visiting the Stennis

    My DF works for an air wing that will be deploying on the Stennis next year. They also deployed with the Stennis on the last deployment. I have saved up some extra money b/c I want to meet DF in one of the ports during the deployment. Does anyone else go and visit ports? Any certain place recommended?
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    working out port visits can be tough because of opsec. db is on the stennis. i'd like to see him on a port visit but i dunno if it's worth it, since i could miss the ship alltogether.
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    Occassionally they will let spouces know about a specific port visit. However, even up until the last minute, it is never a certainty, as is everything in the military. Last year a load of families went to Hong Kong (I think it was), the ship got there, but political BS caused them to turn around. All those families flew there for nothing.
    Moral of the story...You can plan around the schedule, but you can't have faith in the schedule.
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    My Dh is getting out right when the stennis goes out but he was on the last cruise and my friends went to Bahrain and it was super expensive because they couldnt order there tickets to far in advance and also they said it was super super super hot... like miserable!!!
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    I would love to but like everyone else said its really hard to plan something.

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