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Thread: Is this normal?

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    Question Is this normal?

    The apt we're looking at says water, garbage, and sewer will cost around $85-90 per month for a 4 person household! In Vancouver, it only cost us $35 or so w/ the 3 of us!!!

    Is this place just ridiculous or is this the norm up there?
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    That seems REALLY high... I hope it's just a typo or something.

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    well we live in a house and garbage for us is about 70 bucks every three months. water is 35 and you dont want to know electric...

    It depends on the area you move to you know? Its who handles the utlities.
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    that is all rolled into out rent so we never really see the figure. my guess is its a little high but im not really sure. have you check with other places to see if its comparable?
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    That sounds pretty low from what I'm used to!
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    Even back in 2003 when we lived in Jacksonville, water usually ran us about $35 just for the two of us in an apartment and that was over 5 years ago. My grandmother and grandfather live alone just the two of them (with their own well also) and she said that her sewer is usually about the same as her water bill and the two of them pay around $80 a month. So, that sounds about right to me.
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    That seems way too high to what I'm used to but we are in a totally opposite side than you are. Everywhere I've lived I've paid around $30 a month and that's including garbage, sewer and water. Right now we pay about $90 every three months and that's for a house.
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    I think we pay about $55 for 4 people and that includes W/S/G.

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    That seems about normal for Puget area/Island WA. I pay $44 for just me. Electricity is the killer around here. Bills from $80-$250 a month is normal. I've seen more even.
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    DH and I live in an apartment in Lacey and our electric runs about $60-70 per month and thats using a dishwasher and a washer & dryer. Water, sewer and garbage is included in our rent so I'm not sure what the break down is...Sorry
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