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Thread: Settled on Whidbey Island

  1. kcadkins
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    Settled on Whidbey Island

    Hello there!

    I have been off this site for a while. Between getting married and moving (and staying a full time college student) there has been a lot going on in my life and the computer was taken off the priority list!

    But I'm happy to say that my husband and I have been married for a little over a month and LOVE it!!! We are also all moved in on Whidbey Island and although its colder than I like, its a beautiful place! I dont know many people here are all though. I have met a few through playdates for my son and some of the people hubby works with but thats about it.

    Is there anyone on here that lives on the island? Anyone know anywhere good to get a haircut?

    Anyways I just kind of wanted to reintroduce myself and see if there are any other ladies up here! And if you have kids, if you'd like to get them together (my son is 4).

  2. Navy Wife
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    Welcome to the Island... I am on the South End so I am no help for the hair cut option but I know petsparkle has a good resource!
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    Welcome to wa. I'm just south of seattle.

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    Hey! Welcome to the island! I'll have to dig out the number of the girl who did mine. It's at the tanning salon right next to the American Red Cross (yellow building on Dock St).

    She did a good job and it was only $30 for a complete restyle.

    I'm going out of town, but when I get back it would be fun to meet you! I'm sorry you missed our get-together at the end of June but I think we're planning another one for August/September.
  6. kcadkins
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    Quote Originally Posted by andrea View Post
    Hey! I'm in Oak Harbor. I get my hair cut at Visions. I really like it and it's not too pricey.
    thanks for that! i might have to check it out. i have short hair and just started coloring it this spring. i had gone to the same person for so long, im nervous about finding a new place!
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    go to RUMORS in Langley/Clinton it is on the south end of the island on the main highway...

    .... Um... nothing to see here
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    I am just north of Seattle in Discovery Park ( Ft. Lawton)

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