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Thread: Is whidbey a nice place to live????

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    Is whidbey a nice place to live????

    Hubby and I transfer in a year and I am kinda wantin to find out about a few places to maybe help in our decision when the time comes. I was wonderin if whidbey is a nice place to live. is it really cloudy and rainy ALL the time? Do you have to take a ferry anytime you wanna go to walmart or target or something like that? What about goin to the mall? i am a huge shopper lol i go to the mall at least 1-2 times a week, will i need to get on a ferry for that too. Any info anybody can give me would be great. also how is housing is it nice? thanks so much.
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    I think it's gorgeous.

    Like any place in western wa it rains, but you get used to it and there is nothing quite like the gorgeous green you see EVERYWHERE. Whidbey is a pretty good sized island so it's not like you'd be isolated from society. I have friends that live there and they absolutely love it!
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    Its not rainy like you think. I am from Mississippi and the rain here and the rain there is two totally different things. I personally do not think it rains much at all. It rains more off the island. here it kind of drizzles when it does rain and once in a blue moon it will actually come down pretty good. There isn't much here on the island. The island is pretty laid back and full of farmland. We have a regular walmart, big k, some food places.. basically all the necessities. If you want to do any real retail shopping or go to the mall you have to go off the island. You just take the bridge and go to burlington or where ever, or you can go south and take the mulkiteo ferry to Everette or Seattle. Burlington is about 40 minutes away, the ferry is about 35-40 minutes and sometimes you have to wait on it. Gas is 4.25 here right now and its keeps goin up too. So driving to those places multiple times a week would be expensive. It is cloudy alot, windy alot, and cold as shit alot in the winter time. Its summer now and in the 50s-60s maybe sometimes 70s. On a clear sunny day it is one of the most beautiful places in the US. Its very beautiful, but if your from the south it is a major culture shock. Trust me.. Im from Mississippi and never in my life lived any place else other than Mississippi and we moved up here last year and it has been hard for me to get use to things.
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    I totally miss it. We lived there 2 tours and will probably be going back when we are done here.
    it is cloudy, not always rainy, the summers are to die for.. There is a bridge to get off the island so ferry's are not the only way off. The mall is a 30 min drive but it is small. there is a walmart on the island ( ) Go into it with an open mind and look for the good as opposed to the bad.

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    For the mall u can take the bridge across there are outlet malls just south of oak harbor on the main land... Oak Harbor has a wal-mart and albertsons and safeway... all in town... and most shops it is a homey type town... but u do not have to take the ferry across b/c of deception pass it depends if u like big towns or not.

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    I love Whidbey. We fought for orders back up here. It's been a bit cloudy this year (more so that last year) but we transferred up from FL so maybe we're biased

    There's tons here in town: Home Depot, Walmart, Kmart, NEX, Commissary, Albertsons, Safeway, Ace Hardware, Pizza places, 5-6 other restaurants (including an Applebees and some really good thai food!)

    We have some great kid parks, and there's so much available on base. Crescent Harbor Adventures rents boats, camping gear, snowboarding gear, fishing/crabbing stuff, etc. (it's an on-base thing too so it's really not expensive). MWR and ITT do a lot of events and trips which is fun too.

    I LOVE it here.

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