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Thread: Giving birth at Madigan?

  1. ArmyStrong
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    Giving birth at Madigan?

    Anyone have any experience with the OB department at Madigan. I have heard great things but there are a few things that I am not so sure about...shared rooms, teachign hospital, etc.

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    I just had my baby at Madigan about a month ago, and we had a WONDERFUL experience!! We saw the midwives throughout the pregnancy but ended up with an emergency c-section. The people were amazing, and we had one nurse I couldn't stand but the midwives got her switched so I didn't have to deal with her. I loved it!! If you have any other questions feel free to PM me
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    I haven't given birth there, but I've been there for the majority of a birth ^ her's.....
    They seemed to be pretty good. The epidural guy (I can't spell anest.....epidural guy!) was a little pushy with pain meds for Rach at one point (she had asked for them, and he just walked to her IV and went to push them in without explaining what he was giving her)....and the pain in the butt nurse from hell.....but really, it wasn't too bad.
    They were patient and really calm and pretty much left her to herself until Mr. T started showing distress signs. Even then, they came in and talked with her and didn't rush her at all.
    I'd give them 4 stars.

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