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Thread: In Need Of Friends!

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    In Need Of Friends!

    I would like to talk to as many ladies at Fort Lewis as possible! I want to make friendsbefore i get there so I know there are people there for me. Its always nice to know someone when your moving so far away from family. I wanted to get a head start, I have a 3 y/o boy named Xavier, and im sure he will be happy to make some new friends as well Dont be afraid to send me some messages i love to meet new people! Is anyone else out there Preggo like me?? I'ts nice to be able to relate LOL i hope to talk to all of you Fort Lewis ladies soon! My name is Ashley, and my husband is currently stationed in Korea and is due home at the end of August of this year, we should be in WA by September 10th or so I cant wait to start making new friends!
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    nice article

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    HI, we are goona op for on base housing, hope to meet you soon

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