Omgsh,. how neil diamond is that lol. Anyway, 'tis I, Juliana. You might remember me, or not lol. I had a really geeky starwars name before (laaaame). Well me moved out to Mount Vernon last week, and I am mostly set up here in the new house. finally got interent last sunday and am sooooo happy to have a gateway to the world again lol. My husband is still In SOCAL, and will be joining us in July. He will be staioned on a frigate in everett, the uss ingraham. He is an NC. This is the first time we have lived so far away from base, and beyond that the first time I have lived someplace where I have absulutley no friends or family for hours. Oh, I have family in portland, but thats 4 hours of gas i don't ahve every weekend ya know?

Anyway...I would love to get together, I have been down to smokeypoint twice so far and up to Anacortes, but thats about it, I mean we drove from SOCAL to here so I went through the entire state. can't wait to meet some new firends

DH says the ship is comming home this week so Are there anygirls on here who are waiting for their man?

well Hello again and hope to talk at ya'll soon