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Thread: Ft. Lewis housing questions

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    Ft. Lewis housing questions

    Hi Ladies, DH got orders to Ft. Lewis (sometime in July he reports) I'm in Florida with our two small boys waiting for him to finish AIT. I wanted to know how long it actually took to get housing on post... is it really as long as they say it is? I dont want to live off post. Also, does Ft. Lewis have temp. housing available? I dont want to go broke paying for a hotel room, plus I'll have our dog in tow!! Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Times seem about accurate. There is no temp. housing that I know of but lots of month-to-month leases at apartments out in town. They just opened Rainier Inn on post, it is big and about $70 a night.
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    They do have some temporary housing. A friend of mine stayed there for about a month while they were waiting for a place to live. Honestly, I don't know how you go about getting in them though. The housing list times are accurate as far as I understand. We didn't have to wait because DH was getting home from Korea and apparently that bumps you up on the list.
    Good luck and welcome to the neighborhood.
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    Look at their website, go to their housing section. Call and asked how you can be added to their list with out DH

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