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Thread: Nail Places in Tacoma/Olympia?

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    Nail Places in Tacoma/Olympia?

    Ok, so I have a really random question which may not even belong here but here goes... hubby said that when we get paid (probably the 1st) I am supposed to take my sister and get mani/pedis because he knows I have been wanting to do something with her for a long time but I feel selfish spending the money. Anyway, I don't know any nail places in the area... I want to take her somewhere nice but not somewhere that is going to be CRAZY expensive because we aren't made of money obviously!! Any ideas on where to go or places to call?
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    I used to always go to a place off of 160th and Meridian- that is in Puyallup- next to Albertsons. They do a really good job... But kinda a drive. I do not think they are too expensive.
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    Clover Park Tech College has a GREAT manicuring class! You'll feel more pampered there than at a "real" salon. Cheap and don't forget to tip the students. Tips often pay for their lunch/gas.

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