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Thread: Transferring to Whidbey in June

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    Hello Transferring to Whidbey in June

    Hello! I am new to this site. My name is Cyndi and we will be transferring from Pensacola to WA in June. I have been married to my Sailor for almost 22years. We have a daughter in the Navy serving in Dubai as an MA. We also have a 16 year old son and two dogs.

    I am a Medical Biller and Coder and will be looking for a job in the healthcare administration field. My husband will be attached to a detaching activity so my son and I will be on our own for 6 months at a time. I am hoping to make some friends online to help the transition go smoother.
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    GOOD LUCK!!! Hope your move goes well... I will be in the same boat in June. We are headed back east.
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    i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    where were all these whidbey ladies when i lived there?? whidbey is nice. you might have to travel off island to find a job you are wanting, there are only 2 hospitals on the island I believe.

    I will miss you SOS...
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    Hello! I live in Bremerton but DH is stationed at Whidbey. Hope your move goes well!
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    Hope you have a smooth move
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    Hi and welcome! I live in Oak Harbor. I did the move from P'cola up here in May 2007. I LOVE Whidbey. There are two hospitals on island, the Navy one on base (but there is no ER there anymore, just Urgent Care) and one in Coupeville which is about 15 minutes drive south on the island.

    We get better weather than Seattle, but there's not nearly as much to do on island as you're used to in Pensacola. Still, Mount Vernon and Burlington are only 30 minutes away, so it's only really like driving up to Cordova from NAS in Pensacola. it just feels like longer because you're not in a city. Word of warning- they enforce speed limits here. I know in Penascola they really don't, but here they do. They'll pull you over for 5 MPH over.

    I'm getting back to Oak Harbor at the end of this month. I do know what you mean about deployments. My DH is deployable too (he's gone right now) but slightly shorter (but also more frequent) deployments.

    We're overseas on vacation right now, but when we get back I'll shoot you an IM. If you want someone to say hi to, I'm usually around! (I work from home). I also have a friend who is a nurse at one of the major hospitals in Mt. Vernon area. I can ask her about jobs up there if you like? I used to commute off-island when we were stationed here last time, and it's not a big deal. Most of the traffic is going the other direction

    Welcome to Whidbey!

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