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Thread: Bremerton girls (renting + paying water bill)

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    Bremerton girls (renting + paying water bill)

    Is your water bill wack?

    The landlord lived here and was a family of 4 adults. We are 2.5. We pay some fee based on their usage even though our consumption is half. I talked to customer service and they agreed it "wasn't fair" but it's just how their billing is set up. Because we rent the bill is in our name, but they still have our landlord on there for financial responsibility... What sucks even more is if a family of 8 moves in next year they'll pay an average based on the consumption of two people. And if two people move in the year after that they'll pay based on the usage of 8 people.

    I'm emailing the land lord to see if he can call them and have his name taken off so they'll restart our billing and erase his history.
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    no ours isnt like that, speaking of our landlord needs to get us our bills on a more timely manner...The bill has to be in the landlords name I think its the state law, but our bill is cheap!

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