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Thread: jackson park housing...

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    jackson park housing...

    hi, i'm moving to this housing next week, i just wanted to get some info on the housing, school, and area. i'm moving from ca, to wa, and need to know what the weather is like there. thank you for any info.

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    I don't know much about the housing but the weather has been cold and rainy sweater weather with an unbrella. Welcome to Wa.
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    Don't really want to talk down Jackson Park but the navy was trying to stick us in 3 different houses there that had closets for kitchens! We live on Bangor naval base now, if you decline all three houses in Jackson park you get a shot at three different ones on Bangor as long as they are available. If you are looking for anything more than a 2 bedroom though you will be on a waiting list. but Bremerton area isn't bad, Jackson park is like 2 minutes away from the hospital and schools.
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    Jackson Park isn't a bad area. You have your good/bad... your nice/untidy... You will be right at the hospital, right next to alot of resturaunts and such and you are only 15 minutes top from PSNS....Also, you don't deal with pulling out your id everytime you come on base. BTW, there is also a mini mart, chapel, daycare, parks, ugh, I don't think I am forgetting.

    I live on Bangor. I like it here but I wish I was closer to the hospital since my husband is stationed there... I have a 4 bedroom, no pet housing and I wasn't on a waiting list. But that depends... They are both nice... depends on what you like and such...

    As far as weather.. oh gosh! it's cold, rainy and blah! But, we all stick together and make it through!! lol
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