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Thread: Arts and Crafts Show

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    Arts and Crafts Show

    Has anyone heard of or been to the arts and crafts show they have at the Tacoma Dome??? I heard is HUGE and lots of fun. I am way new here and haven't met anyone since getting here because well we found out as soon as we got here that my husband would be deploying. So all focus has been on him. He leaves very soon and I am so ready to meet some of you ladies. Thought some of you might want to go to this it sounds fun, and since I can't take you all out to the bar because of this growing baby bump, the best option

    Anyways its on Oct. 25th at 11:00am--- a thursday!!

    Let me know if you want to go or if you want to meet out there. I have an element so I can only hold 3 extra but we cold all caravan out if more want to go.
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    sounds fun! i went to a bridal expo there a few weeks ago-have to see if i'm working!

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