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Thread: New here and from NH

  1. jshorey110306
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    Jump for Joy New here and from NH

    Hey all. I just found this site and joined it today. My husband just got sworn into the Navy Reserves today. He has already done 4 years active duty before he met me and we want to go active again but its going to be a process. Wondering if anyone is around my area. We are in Manchester, NH and I can't wait to get out of here. I have 3 kids ages 7, 4 and 9 months. I am excited to be here and make some friends. We aren't sure when he is going to be shipped off to A school for his 8 weeks. I will def be needing support through that time as I will be alone with all 3 kids, the dog and 2 cats lol. Look forward to meeting everyone!
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    Welcome to SOS, you'll love it here. I'm in Ma right now. My DH is in the Marine corp.
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    Hi there & welcome to SOS
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    Hey and welcome to SOS. I hope you find the support you need while you are here. these women are really amazing and supportive.
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    I'm from NH too...born and raised in Nashua
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    Welcome!! I'm from MA! My fiance and I NH

    Thank you for my siggy Stacey!
    He's home from Iraq!
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    Thanks :)

    Thanks for all the wonderful welcomes. I have had my ups and downs with message boards before. Right now we are in a really rough spot, dh is only in the reserves so we aren't getting "paid" but he wants to go active duty. When he was going to swear in his boss fired him, he was working under the table so there isn't anything we can do, so right now we are struggling to find jobs, and figure out how to pay bills and get some food, I haven't been this low for awhile and all he does is blame himself. I haven't gotten to get on here much but hopefully I will very soon
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    and welcome. I am in ME right now.

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