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Thread: Apartment Hunting in Yorktown

  1. Porcelain..are you wasting away in your skin?
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    Porcelain..are you wasting away in your skin?
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    Apartment Hunting in Yorktown

    Can anybody tell me anything about the "Four Seasons" Apartments in Yorktown, VA? Thinking about moving there, but I wanna know what you all think, since you actually live out there!

    It's so hard to find a place from Indiana....
    Sad, sad, sad. Pathetic, actually.
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    We live just down the street from there. They are actually very nice. We had a friend that lived in there for a few years. They had a 3 bedroom and it was bigger than the house we live in on base. They have nice big kitchen and bedrooms and a nice big living room and dining area. There was even a laundry room. There are playgrounds and it is in a wooded area so that is always nice too.
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    I live on Yorktown Weapons Station but have no clue where they are at. I never paid any attention if I past it. I like this area. My kids go to a Williamsburg school thats really nice.

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