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Thread: bowling afb??

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    Confused bowling afb??

    hey everyone!!! i was wondering if anyone is at bolling afb. the overseas equal list came out and that was on there. we only have two choices. if anyone is there i would love to get your take on it. thanks in advance!!
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    Bolling AFB in DC? We are in DC, and use Bolling for most of our needs. We are in the Navy housing attached to Bolling, so I can't help with AF housing questions, sorry. The commissary and BX are kind of small, but sufficient. I usually go to Andrews AFB for commissary payday shopping, and use Bolling's for in between days. I don't have children living at home, so I can't help with the child care facillities or programs. I've used the clinic a couple of times since being here and had no issues, got an appointment on the same day and was seen in a timely manner. Pharmacy, had about a 20 minute wait for a new Rx, I didn't think that was too bad.
    Probably not much help, huh? LOL If you have any specific questions, ask away and I'll help if I can!
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    I am not on Bowling but my DF used to be stationed on Bowling.

    The thing with Bowling is that it is VERY small. I think there is only one gas station and one burger king...

    The housing is so so. YOu do not want on the southern end of housing. there is a water treatment plant at the south end and boy can it really take your breathe away.

    You have a lot of "important" buildings there so security is tight, good thing, cause the neighborhood that is around Bowling is HORRIBLE!!!!

    Traffic is HORRIBLE around bowling as well. 295 is the main highway that you use to either get into VA or MD from Bowling and it is always backed up.

    Like one of the posters said, they use the surrounding bases for the NEX and Commisary. That is one thing that is GREAT about the area is that there is a base every 20 miles, you have FT. Belvior, Ft. Meade, Ft. Myers, Bethesda Medical, Andrews Air Force, Quantico, Pax River.

    You will also have a GREAT support system here. Since this area is made up of all branches of the service you have women from all walks of life all around you. Every 3rd saturday we all get together and do lunch.

    The person that is going to watch my baby is on Bowling so really it can not be all that bad, even if I don't paint it a pretty picture, smelly maybe...

    Let us know what you guys decide to do.

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