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Thread: VA Ladies

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    VA Ladies

    How bad IS the traffic from Newport News to NSN? I have heard horror studies from some of my other boards about the traffic in the tunnels, and my husband has a pretty short fuse while driving... I'm just curious how irritated he will be on the way back and forth from work, lol.
    Sad, sad, sad. Pathetic, actually.
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    Well me and dh live in NN and he is stationed at NOB. When he leaves in the morning he dont have problem, there is not that much traffic,so he is alright. Sometimes the traffic sucks in the tunnel but wherever you live in Hampton Roads area the traffic will suck. Hope this helps. we like living on this side of the water.
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    depends on what time of the day you leave & what idiot is rubbernecking an accident or traffic stop.

    I can get to DHs work in 20 min on a good day. DH always gives himself 45 min to get to work when he's on night shift. If hes late, his work understands.
    He also takes gate 4 (a back gate that you don't have to get on 564)

    There are traffic cameras you can check to estimate how long the back up is...

    Anywhere you live, theres going to be traffic. Especially if you have to get onto 564 - the main road to the ships.

    We prefer NN over our 2 years in VA Beach

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    depends on when he is making the trip... dh did it and it could take up to 45min to an hr for him to get home... but there were days it could take 15 min some are good a lot are bad.

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