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Thread: Looks like we are headed to Norfolk... maybe...

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    Looks like we are headed to Norfolk... maybe...

    It looks like his orders are being modified last minute to Norfolk (maybe)! Since we are scheduled for a June PCS we have a lot to figure out in a short amount of time!

    First of all, who is in Norfolk? I'm looking forward to meeting some new people once we get there!

    Second, where should we live? I want a safe neighborhood with a short commute to the base. We like an urban, walkable neighborhood and have been told to look for a place in Ghent. Does that seem like a good fit? We'd need a 3 bedroom place for around 1600. Also can he bike to the base from Ghent?

    We have also heard that Virginia Beach is nice but I'm worried about the commute. Is there any part of Virginia Beach that would work for us? Are there areas apart from Ghent and Norfolk that we should check out?
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    Ghent or Larchmont. Ghent will be more walkable for restaurants and all but Larchmont has some great homes in there.

    And I just posted on your jax post the other day.
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    VA Beach/Norfolk

    I'm in VA Beach... it takes my brother about 30-40 mins to get to base which definitely wouldn't be able to bike to base. I've only been here since February so I don't know much about the different areas. There are some neighborhoods within walking distance to Town Center (VA Beach) which has a lot of stores, restaurants, and even a performing arts center as well as a movie theater.
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    Hampton Roads, VA

    I'm "across the water" on the Peninsula. Like 30 minutes from Naval Station Norfolk.

    This area is called "Hampton Roads". Hampton Roads is divided into 2 parts, "The Southside" (Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Suffolk) and "The Peninsula" (Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Poquoson)

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    Virginia Beach/NOB
    Hey there! I am new to this forum and just arrived to Virginia Beach in January. The biking environment here seems pretty hostile at least to get close to a base by bike. We live in VA Beach in a neighborhood called Glenwood. Seems pretty nice so far. Very family oriented and near a lot of convenient shops and restaurants. If anyone ever wants to get together and do something please let me know!! I've been super lonely here so far.

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