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Thread: Hampton Roads Area (Fort Eustis Specifically)

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    Hampton Roads Area (Fort Eustis Specifically)

    This is six months out, and I'm not holding my breath because it's the Army, but there's about a 95% chance we are PCSing here in April.

    If we lived in on-post housing, based on spousal unit's rank we'd end up in either Cherbourge or Newport. Anyone have any experiences with the housing in either neighborhood?

    If we decide to live off-post, the decision is going to be based mostly on where I end up going to school/work, and then we will find a place that splits the difference. Right now I'm leaning towards either VCU or ODU. So I guess the follow-up is, which has the worst commute, Richmond or Norfolk?

    Thanks for any help!
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    You can also put in to get langley off base housing which is almost all new housing. I had a friend commute to VCU and regretted it. ODU is much more do able.
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    We're moving there soon and just took a trip to check out housing. We looked at Cherbourge and Newport as well. The town homes in Cherbourge are nice and new but have very little to no back yard so if you have pets or kiddos it's not ideal. There are alley style roads that run behind the town homes for parking so it takes away any yard space you would have. The ones we saw had a tiny back patio and a small strip of grass enclosed with a fence. The front and side yards are nice but we have two big dogs and a toddler so no back yard was a no go for us.

    Newport homes are older but they've been renovated so they aren't bad at all, at least not the model home we saw. They have great back yards and the neighborhood is small and set back away from everyone else so it's tight knit and quiet.
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    I prefer Richmond over Norfolk, but after a while it's not as bad. You get use to it.
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    I currently live in the Newport News area. My DH will be PCS to JBLE. We lived here prior and love the Oyster Point area. Based off my personal preference, I would not recommend the Hampton area. I would try and avoid going through any of the tunnels at all costs, traffic can suck big time, but if you are both okay with commuting I love Richmond!
    Also, if your program for school is offered you should check out CNU. Short commute if you guys will be at Ft. Eustis. Also, depending on what you are going to school for, you should check out the My CAA spouses tuition assistance program. I am currently using it, and greatly benefiting from it!

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