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Thread: Fort Drum?

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    Fort Drum?

    Hey guys -- Anyone near Fort Drum? I have a friend of a friend (my best friend in Texas, actually) who is up there with a new baby and her husband is being slated to deploy in a short time period. She feels completely disconnected and alone. Apparently no one has reached out to her, and she's far from her comfort zone.

    Looking for folks who might be around, and able/willing to connect.
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    My DB is at Fort Drum and I live about two and a half hours away. All of the wives I have met are super nice but I would love to meet more women around the area.
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    I'm in Syracuse about an hour away
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    We are supposed to be up there in the fall!
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    Hello Fort Drum

    Hi! I am aways southeast from Ft Drum (Albany, NY area) but you can certainly give her my email address ( if she'd like to chat with me. My bf is currently deployed (4th time) so I am a pro at handling deployments.
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    Neutral It Does Get Better, I Promise :)

    Almost 2 years ago I moved to Fort Drum from the NY metro area. I found it REALLY hard to adjust. There's not a lot to do, and the winters are particularly brutal. I felt alone too. For quite some time, the spouses club didn't reach out to me and I had no clue that I even had a key spouse. What helped me was getting a job on post. I met some really cool people and got to know Fort Drum and the surrounding area much better. The struggle is SO real when you're adjusting to life in the North Country, but it does get better! If your friend is into fitness or is looking to start, I know for a fact that there's a group of really nice ladies who meet at Atkins for crossfit sessions. There are also different fitness classes at Monti gym. A former coworker takes Zumba classes there, and she's the best. She's made some good friends through those classes. FMWR is also pretty helpful. Maybe they can point your friend in the right direction in terms of networking and finding some fun activities. When I moved up to Drum, I had to put extra effort into making my face known to my husband's squadron. That's the only way they knew I existed lol. So she should definitely try to attend as many functions as possible thru her husband's job. Hope I helped! Oh and there's a lot of volunteer opportunities on post too. I'm pretty sure CYSS and the USO are always open to volunteers. It's easy to get kinda depressed about living on or around Fort Drum but it has a lot to offer. I wish your friend the very best!
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    Oh good i was looking for more information on Fort Drum We may be heading there also

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