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Thread: NYC Support Group

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    NYC Support Group

    Hi all,

    This is my very first post and the way I bumped into this page was actually when I was searching for a support group (in real life..), not just online. I live in NYC and was wondering if anyone else would be up to creating a group? We could go out for coffee, wine&cheese etc- talking about our experiences. I am in a serious relationship and I would love to hear from women who have been through all of the things I am now experiencing. My SO has been in the Military for over 17 years now, so its not new to him- however after dating for over half a year- the reality of being a military gf- hopefully wife is starting to hit me.

    Thank you all
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    I live in NYC, my husband got out the military not too long ago. If you ever want to meet up just let me know

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