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Thread: Columbus, Ohio!

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    Columbus, Ohio!


    I've posted a thread in here before, but it was so long ago, and DB came home shortly after I posted it and I just never got around to checking it.
    So I'm posting a new one (:

    DB is in the Navy, and isn't going to be home until Christmas... /:

    Recently, my best friend and I have stopped speaking, simply because she just doesn't understand what it's like, and she got tired of my constantly talking about DB and being upset over him being gone.

    I figure if I'm around people who actually get what I'm going through, it'll make me happier, and I'll have people I can actually relate to.

    So shoot me a message, Columbus area girls! I'm barely ever on my laptop, so we can exchange phone numbers and text or something!

    I'm usually always on the go and don't always have time to be on my laptop. Follow me on twitter and I'll definitely follow back!

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    my hometown is in Ohio!
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    I'm about an hour and a half from Columbus!

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