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Thread: Newport News Va?

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    Newport News Va?

    Ok so Dh has orders to Newport News and I was wondering about the area and traffic. Anybody know the area? I was thinking of maybe living in Yorktown since the schools there are rated so good.
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    Yes Yorktown will be the best place you can live in that area for school (Went to all York county schools )
    Traffics a bitch, but that's really the on,y down side. We just put in orders for Langley afb and were denied. So gutted about it still. Love it there.
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    We live on Fort Monroe in Hampton. Its a city over from Newport News. I dont care too much for Newport news, areas arent the greatest. Yorktown is nice, farther than i would like to drive though. Welcome!
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    newport news va
    We live in Newport News there are good and bad areas everywhere you go But yes York County schools are better although I really really love our neighborhoodand school
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    If you have kids and your husband doesn't mind a 15-20 minute drive, Williamsburg is a beautiful place to live. I went to school there for four years, worked there another two and DH was stationed at Langley. I loved Williamsburg and wouldn't mind moving there after DH retires. The schools are great and there's a lot to do, especially with a family.

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