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Thread: Unique situation DE/ NC

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    Exclamation Unique situation DE/ NC

    Hi! I have kind of a unique situation at the moment. I am currently living in NC (recently relocated), but I was living in Delaware, that's where my DB is stationed. He left for his deployment in May and during that time I graduated and relocated for my job and Grad School. When he returns I will be traveling back and forth from here to there ( the things we do for love ) as many times as I can. The thing is, I do not know anyone (Ladies or Couples) that are stationed on the Dover Base. My DB has a few friends on the base, but non of them are in a relationship with anyone in the area or with anyone period. I would like to at lest get to know someone on base, so that way I could have someone to talk to that knows what's going on over there and that I could possibly hang out with while I'm in town and he is either busy on base or working.
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    If he is comfortable with you getting involved in the spouses group and if they are open to girlfriends, you could see about joining that organization. You'd be on the email lists and could try to make some friends that way.
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    We are stationed at Dover. Feel free to pm me or talk to me here. You need 10 posts to pm.

    What job does he do?

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