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Thread: Fort Cambell is in our future...

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    Fort Cambell is in our future...

    Hey all,

    Newbie here, so if I'm not familiar to ya, that's why. My husband is wanting to re-enlist; it'll be a year until he gets his next degree, so he'd be an officer.

    We are looking hard at Fort Campbell in Kentucky right now. I'm an only child, and its not too far from where we are in Illinois.

    I was hoping some of ya'll would be from there and could tell me what its like being apart of that community. We have quite a few pets- a cat, a pet rat, three birds, and we're picking up a puppy next week. No kids yet, probably in a few years, we're pretty young haha. I do want to train our collie for obedience and agility, just for fun though. I was wondering if anyone from the base did that also?

    Can't wait to meet you guys!
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    There's a whole group for fort campbell but I'm not sure how active it is anymore. I used to live there. It was nice but I was used to the east coast so it wasn't what I was used to. In retrospect though it has a lot to offer. It's a big base, downtown Clarksville is cute and there's lots of strip mall stores and restaurants and stuff.
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    That's a lot of pets! Do you plan on living on-base/off-base? I don't know if base housing will allow that many pets.... :/
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    DH's family lived in IL so he was pretty happy when he got assigned to Fort Campbell. I lived there with him for a year and I loved it there, the scenery was soo much different from Texas. Many rental companies have a 2 pet limit, but honestly I'm not really educated on what kind of pets you can have but I really don't see a problem with the rat, and birds since they will be in cages most of the time.

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