So long story short, DH is going to his MOS school at Ft Lee. He won't be there long enough for me to join him officially, but will be there about 3 months IF he starts school right away. Which I hear is not happening, like, anywhere. My parents and I are getting sick of each other, I've been here almost five months already and I'm going crazy. I'm thinking about just getting my own apartment near base and being on my own for a little while. I don't know how likely it is that he'll ever be allowed off base or anything but I'd rather be on my own near him JUST IN CASE I might get to see him a few times, than be on my own somewhere where I don't know anybody. It's probably a dumb idea and I probably won't do it

Anybody know anything about Fort Lee? Decent apartments near base that aren't super expensive, maybe within walking distance to a grocery store? Driving schools in the area? Is there any sort of public transportation? TIA!