HIPS (description below) is a play that sounds like a fun show to watch. It will be on June 1st in Newport News, VA starting at 7pm. Tickets are $20 if you are interested in going. I will be attending because one of my good friends is in the play and just because I love going to plays. I wanted to share for anyone else who may be interested in going.

Hips the Play

"HIPS" is an unorthodox, multicultural, informative, raw Stage Play about how Pop Culture and men views Plus Size women. It gives you a personal peek into the horrific betrayal of Danielle (the main character) by her husband, friend, society and own body! In addition, the story-line brings awareness to the illusive, incurable disease SARCOIDOSIS, which prevents her from controlling her weight! Thus, leaving her trapped in a shell that causes a variety of attacks!

The writer, Leslie L. Dupree is directing this production through her own company, Les D Entertainment! She is taking this brave opportunity to expose some very private issues that she currently is living with, while bringing awareness to SARCOIDOSIS! Leslie also wrote "HIPS" to give a voice to the REAL MEN who love Plus Size women and; letting the Volumptuous DIVAs know that you still can be beautiful, sexy, alluring, self-confident, creative and successful, in a word coined by Leslie herself, "HIPS-O-LICIOUS"!

The show is riddled with drama, comedy, unforgettable dance routines, witty dialogue, sultry solos and scenes that will have you on the edge of your seats!