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Thread: will be going to Fort Eustis!!

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    Smile will be going to Fort Eustis!!

    My fiance and I will be moving to Fort Eustis in May. I am new to whole military scene
    and was just curious if any ladies out there could give me any info on what it is like to be
    in Fort Eustis. Also I am on here to make new friends
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    I am here. Only for a couple more months but we are here then moving 1 hr north to Richmond. The area is pretty good I live less than a mile from post (23608 at Woodcreek if you want to map it) and I love it never had any issues. There is 2 apartment complexes right outside post too that is super convenient, Newport News Park is super nice and almost across the street from post they got trails, paddle boats, playgrounds, fishing, ducks, camping, huge Christmas light festival. Yorktown beach is 15 minutes away and my favorite beach ever.
    The main street Jefferson has everything you could possibly want and its super easy to not get lost here. Everything and I mean everything is on Jefferson. Every chain restaurant , mom and pop shops, the mall got every store you could ever need. Traffic on it during rush hour sucks, but it is what it is. We are 30-40 minutes from Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, less than 30 minutes from Williamsburg with awesome outlets. You will never be bored here. There is millions of things to do with various festivals. Let me know if you have any questions
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    I just moved back home from Langley and went to college in Williamsburg. Most of the ladies on MSOS that live in Hampton Roads are associated with the Navy and live on the other side of the bridge. What kinds of questions do you have?
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    Hey! I've lived in Newport News since October and met my man (stationed at Ft. Eustis) in January. I live just outside the front gate (less than a mile) in a teeny tiny apartment, but it's a really great neighborhood (Sea Pines Apartments). I agree with the earlier post: Newport News Park is awesome, and I just recently discovered it myself, so it is definitely worth checking out. I go running there during the day, and there's a playground and picnic shelters. Also, Yorktown Beach is super awesome (as already stated). There are definitely certain things worth going to Williamsburg for (like the outlets, or New Town which has a movie theater and shops and such, and is way nicer than going to the mall), but it's pretty conveniently located. Newport News gets a bad reputation around here, but I love it, and when my boyfriend gets back from Korea we're hoping to end up here again! I'll be here for at least another year, so let me know if you need anything or just want to chat (Ft. Eustis to Ft. Eustis!)

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