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Thread: Looking for ladies in Dayton/ Wright Patt

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    Looking for ladies in Dayton/ Wright Patt

    HI everyone!

    I am just checking to see if anyone is stationed at Wright Patterson? We recently moved (November 12) from Arlington VA (Pentagon) to Dayton, Ohio. It's quite a rough change for me.. I found an accounting position in Cincinnati, so I commute and work a lot, but looking for others to have ladies night with!
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    It could be worse.
    We just moved from there about six months ago - my son is still in the area for college. We loved it there and I seem to get back to the area about once a month. There are a few more ladies from the site that are in the area.

    Where are you living? Cincinnati can be a fun commute all the way from the base! We lived south of Dayton, own a home there and plan to return. It's such a nice area.

    Anyway, welcome to MSOS! I can't help with a ladies night since I'm not in town often, but if you have any questions about the area, feel free to ask!
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    I'm in the Cincinnati area til the end of the month anyway.

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