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Thread: Fort Campbell Kentucky anyone?

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    Question Fort Campbell Kentucky anyone?

    Hello ladies,

    does anyone live at Fort Campbell, KY??? Hubs and I might move there next year so I'd like to know how housing on post is like and the area around. Is there alot to do?
    I'd appreciate any help or tipps
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    in the South

    Several of us on here live at Ft. Campbell! We usually post our meet-ups in the Southeastern location section, because... um.... we just do

    I can't say much about housing on post as we live off-post, but for us the wait would've been something like 8 months! So try and get on the wait list as soon as possible if you REALLY want to live on post, though your experience may be different than mine. The post housing I have seen though has been very nice, I think a lot of it is new/remodeled. There are tons of houses and apartments available, many in Clarksville and some in surrounding cities on both sides of the border (Oak Grove - KY Adams - TN, Woodlawn - TN), it just depends on how far you want to drive to the post.

    There isn't a ton to do in Clarksville, which isn't an enormous city, though if you like outdoor activities (camping, hiking, etc.) you'll find lots of that around here. It's not bad though, I can usually find what I need here. Nashville, which IS a large city, is only an hour away, so you can always find something to do there. Overall I don't have many complaints, though of course it depends on what you're used to and what you like to do. The area immediately surrounding the base is generally pretty sketchy, but you're unlikely to get ax-murdered even there Most of the rest of it is fine though.
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    We are at fort campbell and it's ok. It feels like it takes forever to get anywhere, but that might be because we come from a big city and everything is right there. We live on post and when we pcs I dont plan on living on post again. It's that bad for us. Maybe you;; have a different experience. Nashville isn't too far away and weve drove down a couple of times. If you like football the tennessee titans play there.
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    It's Southeast. I will be moving there next August so I don't know anything about it yet but I read that they are restructuring the housing as of Jan. 1st so the waitlist for onpost will be much shorter. They are merging E5 with E1/4 and E6 with E7/8.

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