Ok, I am currently living off post with my SO and we are looking into our options for before he gets deployed. We are having a really hard time affording where we live at the moment becuase it is 15 miles away from post and we only have one car. I can't get a job there are no play grounds for our 1 year old and nothing for me a SAHM to do while my SO is at work. We are curently spending almost if not more than 100 dollars over our BAH and its making things really tight. We have a 12 month lease, which is up in the end of april. I am trying to figure out how it would work getting on to post and if there is a way of getting the army to help us do it maybe before our lease is up. The reason I would like to it earlier is because the month that we could move is the time that may husband is supposed to get deployed. With a 1 year old and trying to do it myself its just not feaseable. Any ideas? Im stressing out about it lol!