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Thread: Anyone in West Virginia??

  1. SRthompsonsGirl
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    Anyone in West Virginia??

    Hey everyone! My DB just got orders for Sugar Grove, West Virginia Anyone from that area or that knows anything about it?? I don't know much yet other than its very small and isolated with nothing around for a good hour or so drive and no cell service!
  2. anoracrescent
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    I'm in Bluefield, WV. No clue where Sugar Grove is, but the no cell service and "isolated area" sounds like where I was born! Very annoying!
  3. SRthompsonsGirl
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    lol No one seems to. Its a navy intel base that *luckily* for us is of course in the middle of no where on purpose. Its pretty close to the VA line I think..up over the mountains I believe. I don't really know the area cause I'm a WI girl going to school in CO and I haven't really been on the east coast. I'm hoping DB can get used to it cause he's lived in cali most of his life and is used to being in cities and having a very busy life. We talk and message on our cells like they supply us oxygen lol So its gonna be a tough transition to life out there for him and some things will have to change with us too.
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    Never been but DH is from Braxton county.
  5. SRthompsonsGirl
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    Well I'm here in Sugar Grove right now visiting...and it definitely is tiny and way out in the country. But I really like it. Its just beautiful and lacks the stress of life in suburbia and the city. (unfortunately) I think I like it more than db I wish I could find some ladies to hang out with when I'm visiting...its soo boring to basically be locked up while db is working. ugh I never wanna see a tv again! lol
  6. aluvlytragedy
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    Not sure where that is...but I'm in Inwood & we're near the VA line so maybe its actually close? idk lol

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